Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Depression Day

There is no reason for it today but it's a depression day. I had a blast with friends from the ward this afternoon but before and after that it's taken all my energy to not hide in bed all day. Although Scott is still in front of the tv while I hide on the computer. Nothing is different than yesterday. No new stresses or lack of meds. So why today? I'm trying to focus on what my hubbie said on my last inexplicable depression day, "You're allowed to feel this way and it doesn't mean you're a bad person." As part of improving myself, I am making sure I accomplish something today. But as I sit here working on a rock awesome baby announcement, if I do say so myself, I can't help but feeling somehow worse. Is it because I've put work in front of the kids and house? Or would I feel the same if I had made one of those things my accomplishment for the day? Throughout all these down feelings, however, I do need to realize that there was a time not even that long ago that I would have said forget life and climbed right back into bed.

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  1. The fact that you are up, went out of the house with friends, and have any kind of ambition to work on anything I find amazing! It is so hard to start going on days like that, not to mention keep going! I'm proud of you, I think that is great, and I hope that you are having a better day today :)! I so enjoy your blog, so whatever you do, please keep posting!